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What We Do

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Straightaway Solutions specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions (due diligence), executive compensation, benefits, talent development, succession planning, performance management,employment law, troubled companies, receiverships, as well as bankruptcy cases

Founder Donald Schneider led due diligence teams for multi billion dollar acquisitions and divestitures, gained extensive Board experience while recruiting senior team (including CEO) and leading the Compensation Committee. His forte’ focuses in quick paced companies where revenue growth was key, costs needed to be reduced, and talent needed to be upgraded.

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Donald Schneider earned his BA in Business at the University at Buffalo School of Management and his JD at Syracuse. Mr.Schneider has been the CEO, COO, and CAO of Bluechip companies in a variety of industries. He was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration at Winstar Communications/ Choice One Communications where he worked through the life cycle of business from negligible worth to a peak of $5BLN market value. He was then Executive Vice President of Human Resource and Administration at ADVO until he guided and integrated the successful sale of ADVO to Valassis Communications in 2007.

In 2008, Mr. Schneider became President and Founder of Straightaway Solutions as the Principal in consulting practice that focused on development and execution of company wide HR strategies in turnaround, startup, or acquisition oriented companies. He has been working with a debt management, debt settlement company in Receivership with 91,000 clients which settled over 21,000 claims resulting in payout of over $13.5 million. Recently, Straightaway Solutions was involved in the sale of a wealth management company.

As a senior level, C-suite performing executive, Mr. Schneider has been result-driven and globally focused in order to transfer/ accelerate company growth

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Areas of Practice

Mergers & Acquisitions

Experience in M&A processes for wealth management and seafood business. CEO of debt management and debt settlement company while in recievership.

Business Strategy

The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires legal advice from attorneys who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of venture financing. Our firm gives you an holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantages.

Business Consulting

Process of assisting management to improve performance and efficiency through assessment and change.

Human Resource Enhancement

Design hiring and development of employees to improve engagement and overall value to the organization.

Executive Compensation

Creation and implementation of monetary and non monetary incentives for executive and non executive employees.

Succession Planning

Identification and development of future leadership with a primary focus on C-suite executives



“His unique blend of business, legal, and human resource experience and expertise provided a wonderful learning atmosphere for those of us reporting to him. He successfully balanced the needs of the business with a care and concern for employees on all levels. He was well respected and well liked by all. ”

— Jim Semotan – ADVO (now Valassis)

“I have known Don Schneider for twenty years, both professionally and personally.  Don has an excellent blend of C-Suite corporate executive experiences including numerous contributions to CEO’s, COO’s, and Boards of Directors. He has also had a series of assignments working with private equity firms. Don has been integral to leading operations for businesses in start-up mode as well as in providing expertise in readying businesses in the M&A environment. With his legal, business operations and Human Resources background, Don possesses the knowledge and interpersonal skills critical to support the goals and strategies so integral to the success of an organization.  When I think about him, two words come to mind: integrity and decency. Those are the traits I would look for in a business partner.”

— Richard J. Lakis – Senior Human Resource Executive and Consultant

“Don advised me over the past 25 years in my successful financial services business, assisting in greatly improving my executive team’s composition and performance. Our long standing professional relationship culminated in his working closely with me to transition my business to United Capital in 2016. He counselled my staff, advised me on retention packages, drafted retention documents and kept me focused on all areas that required my attention, many of which I was unaware. He is my “go to” professional whenever I absolutely require the best advice and a “hands on” partnership to get the most important projects done right.”

 — John Vaccaro – United Capital Financial Life Management

“Characterized by President of an innovated Communications Company as an incisive leader who develops broad-gage collaborative and practical initiatives.”



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